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Playoff race tight with two rounds to go

Only the top two teams from Pools A and B go through to the playoffs and at the moment two teams — Vaitogi United and Fagasa Youth — are tied in the points department with 15 each in the first group.
Pago Youth A leads by three with 18 points following a 13-0 win over Vaiala Tongan. Fagasa held off Ilaoa & To’omata 3-2 while Vaitogi United’s 5-2 win over Fagatogo Blue helped put them in the second and final playoff berth by way of goals differential over Fagasa (18-16) as both teams have 15 points each.
The fourth match of the group saw Lion Heart B beat Atu’u Broncos B 4-0.
Idle Kiwi Soccers is fourth with 12 points and still in the playoff hunt while Vaiala Tongan has 7 points; followed by Fagatogo Blue in sixth place with 6 points; No. 7 Lion Heart B with 5 points; No. 8 Ilaoa & To’omata with 4 points and Atu’u Broncos in ninth place with 0 points.
For Kiwi to stay in the playoff hunt they need to beat Fagasa Youth this coming Saturday.
Vailoatai Youth sits comfortably on top of Pool B with a six-point lead over Pago Youth B (18-12) but the latter’s hold on the No. 2 spot is very slim as they are only a point ahead of Utulei Youth and Lion Heart A (11 points each).
Vailoatai increased their lead with a 10-1 win over Atu’u Broncos A while Pago B could not hold on to a 1-0 lead against Black Roses with less than 10 minutes remaining in their match. They settled for a 1-1 tie.
Utulei Youth beat Green Bay 3-1 in other Pool B games and the Tafuna Jets won against PanSa 7-3.
Utulei Youth holds the No. 3 spot over Lion Heart by way of goals differential (8-6) as both teams have 11 points each while Black Roses is at No. 5 with 8 points; the Jets coming in at No. 6 with 5 points while PanSa is seventh with 4 points; Atu’u Broncos at No. 8 with 4 points and Green Bay rounding it out at No. 9 with one point.
Tough games in the next round that will make a difference in the playoff picture are No. 1 Vailoatai versus No. 3 Utulei and No. 4 Lion Heart playing against No. 5 Black Roses.

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