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Our vision

To be the number one sport in the country – participation & popularity, well managed to deliver efficient & effective services & programmes to members, and provide opportunities for all participants to achieve at the highest level and improve profile and ranking in the Oceania region”.

Our targets in terms of technical development

• Educate & qualify coaches at all levels – increase numbers to meet needs at various levels – ensure productivity of qualified coaches – (OFC programme)
• Select, educate & qualify talented coaching instructors – Futuro III & OFC programmes for “Train the Trainers”
• Arrange courses & programmes for specialized categories including GK, sports science, talented youth etc in collaboration with OFC
• Create & maintain a database of qualified coaches
• Appoint qualified technical experts including Technical & Development Manager & Development Officers by 2008 (creation of structured technical department)
• Provide technical resources & equipments for programmes & courses
• Develop & implement a technical curriculum – players & coaches by 2008
• Establish & circulate annual calendar of courses & programmes
• Arrange talented coach exchange programmes