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Last chance for a women’s playoff spot

In Pool A games played last Saturday at Kananafou Theological Seminary’s field Pago Youth maintained its hold on the No. 1 spot for the second straight week with a 3-1 win over Green Bay while in other matches it was Ilaoa & To’omata 3, Black Roses 0 (a win by forfeit) and Vaitogi United 6, Lion Heart 1. PanSa sat out the round with a bye.
In Pool B the Tafuna Jets retained their No. 1 seat in the standings after beating then No. 1 Utulei Youth 2-0 while in other matches it was Fagasa Youth 6, Fagatogo Blue 0 and Kiwi Soccers 5, Atu’u Broncos 0. Vailoatai Youth was idle over the weekend.
The standings are No. 1 Pago Youth (15 points, 5-0), No. 2 Ilaoa & To’omata (13, 4-0-1), No. 3 Green Bay (10, 3-1-1), No. 4 PanSa (9, 3-2), No. 5 Vaitogi United (6, 2-4), No. 6 Black Roses (0, 0-4) and No. 7 Lion Heart (0, 0-5).
Green Bay still has an outside chance of unseating Ilaoa & To’omata from the No. 2 spot if two things happen during the final round — first, the Leone-based team must lose and secondly, they need to win and win big.
Should Ilaoa & To’omata lose and Green Bay win, both teams will then be tied with 13 points each and the tiebreaker will go to the differential in goals. This is where it becomes dicey for Green Bay as Ilaoa & To’omata has the upper hand in that department,18-7.
A win will not be a walk in the park for both teams as they take on tough opponents with Faga’alu to play against PanSa and Ilaoa & To’omata taking on the group’s No. 1 squad, Pago Youth.
Pago Youth basically has a playoff berth wrapped up and all that’s in the air is which position they will end up in, No. 1 or No. 2. Should they lose to Ilaoa & To’omata they will fall down to No. 2 where as if they win they remain in the No. 1 spot.
Ilaoa & To’omata needs a draw or a win to secure a playoff berth or hope that Green Bay does not overcome them in the goals differential department should they lose and the latter win.
The standings so far are No. 1 Tafuna Jets (13, 4-0-1), No. 2 Utulei Youth (12, 4-1) No. 3 Kiwi Soccers (10, 3-1-1), No. 4 Vailoatai Youth (8, 2-1-2), No. 5 Fagasa Youth (6, 2-3), No. 6 Fagatogo Blue (3, 1-5), No. 7 Atu’u Broncos (0, 0-5).
Kiwi Soccers needs to win and hope for an Utulei Youth loss in order to secure one of the two-playoff spots from this group. If Utulei wins, the door becomes much harder as they still need to win, hope for a Jets’ loss and overcome Tafuna’s differential in goals advantage — 16-1.
One big problem in that is their final opponent — the Tafuna Jets. Tafuna and Utulei have allowed the least goals in their group (four apiece), while also tying with the most goals scored in Pool B with 20 each. That means they both hold the goals differential advantage over Kiwi by 16-1.
In the case of all three teams finishing with 13 points each (a Tafuna loss, Utulei tie and Kiwi win), Kiwi’s goals need to come in bunches in order to beat the 16-1 goals differential edge both teams have over it.