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3-way race for Pool A playoff spots

This playoff picture emergers after Round 5 games were held on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium that saw Pago A and Vaitogi United win their games while Fagasa sat out with a bye.
If the playoffs were to start today Vaitogi would be out as they are in third place as Pago A has the top spot over Fagasa due to a vastly superior differential in goals. Pago A has 35 to Fagasa’s 19 and Vaitogi’s 15.
Pago A held off Kiwi Soccers 3-1 while in other Pool A matches it was Fagatogo Blue 2, Ilaoa & To’omata 1; Vaiala Tongan 1, Atu’u Broncos B 0 and Vaitogi United 3, Lion Heart B 1.
Only the top two teams from Pools A and B qualify for the postseason.
Vaitogi United enters its bye week while the top two teams look for a separation in points with a win in the upcoming Round 6 as Pago A will take on Fagasa Youth.
Coming in at fourth place is Kiwi Soccers with 9 points, followed by Fagatogo Blue with 6 points, Vaiala Tongain with 6 also, Ilaoa & To’omata with 1 point and then Lion Heart B and Atu’u Broncos B both with 0 points.
Vailoatai Youth, sitting out with a bye in Round 5, still leads the group with 12 points, four more than their closest opponents Pago Youth B and Lion Heart A.
Pago B and Lion Heart A both have 8 points each and are also tied in the goals differential department with three apiece. Pago B takes second place by leading in the second tiebreaker department of goals scored with 9 to Lion Heart’s 5.
Pago B moved into the second and final playoff spot from Pool B with a 5-1 win over Atu’u Broncos A while a 0-0 tie between Lion Heart A and Tafuna Jets was costly for the former as a win could have given them sole custody of the No. 2 spot.
The previous occupant of the No. 2 berth, Utulei Youth, also gave away its chance of claiming it for themselves after losing to Black Roses 4-3.
They fell from 2nd to fourth while Black Roses went from fourth to fifth as their win puts them in a 7-point tie with Utulei but they lose out on the differential in goals.
PanSa and Green Bay played to a 4-4 tie.
PanSa is sixth, followed by Atu’u A, then the Jets and finally Green Bay.

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