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Black Roses, Pago A reach men’s championship

Black Roses, 2009 champions, eked out a 1-0 win over Vailoatai Youth in extra time while 2008 champs, Pago Youth A, turned a 1-1 first half into a 4-1 runaway win in the second.
Bob Nu’usila used his speed to beat his opponent and then finessed a shot to the far post to beat the on-rushing goalie for the game’s only score in about two minutes into the first half of the extra period.
Black Roses then fell back for the final, tense 8 minutes of the first half and 10 minutes of the second of that extra period to defend furiously.
Vailoatai had several chances late in regulation to put the game but point-blank shots at goal went wide twice.
As for the eventual winners, they lacked their usual pinpoint passing against an opponent that was able to match them in their quickness.
A close 1-1 half turned into a 4-1 rout in the second half with Pago Youth A pouring in goals six minutes into the final period to deflate Fagasa’s hopes for an upset.
Nu’u Leota scored in the fourth minute but Justin Tome equalized in the 27th.
In the second, Leota provided the go-ahead goal six minutes into the period after blasting it from inside the penalty box when he reached the ball before the defenders could get in his way.
From then on the momentum shifted drastically in favor of Pago A after an evenly played first half. Ryan Samuelu and Eugene Grey added goals to put them in the position to attempt their second men’s National League title in three years.
The games were witnessed by the visiting trio of instructors for the FFAS Long-term Development Plan workshop — FIFA Development Officer for Oceania Glenn Turner, OFC Deputy Secretary General Greg Larsen and OFC Win In Oceania Project Manager Vairani Davio.

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