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FFAS to ‘maintain’ objectives, targets of old LTDP

A lot of the prioritized objectives and targets of the current LTDP that expires this year had the words establish or create replaced with maintain. The vision was also adjusted to fit with the plan for the next four years.
Conducting the courses were FIFA Development Officer for Oceania Glenn Turner, OFC Win In Oceania Project Manager Vairani Davio and OFC Deputy Secretary General Greg Larsen and all were in agreement that FFAS was moving ahead in the right, and positive direction.
The participants were FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet, its club presidents and Secretariat with Tradewinds Hotel’s Naumati Conference Room playing host to the workshop. All club presidents were put up for two nights, with a third added later, at Tradewinds Hotel courtesy of FFAS.
With that third night added for room and board the travelling trio stayed back instead of flying out on Dec. 5 instead stayed an extra night and worked with the participants on the vision for the new LTDP.
“We are happy with our association’s upgraded plan for the next four years,” explained Iuli. “Some of what we achieved over the last four years will be maintained and improved upon. As an overall assessment, we are happy with our progress and achievements of the old LTDP and look forward to tackling the new one.”
Iuli went on to thank all the participants for taking part in the workshop and working together with the executive committee, secretariat and instructors over the weekend.
The new LTDP will now go to the president and executive committee to go through before presenting it to the congress sometime in February for final approval.
“We’ll be looking at reviewing the progress of our new LTDP in 12 months,” Iuli pointed out.
“I know that all the targets and objectives means our association will be very busy for another four years,” FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua explained. “Especially on the development side of our sport, that will be one of our busiest departments.”
One target the presidents stressed was creating a link between FFAS and schools in the U.S. for soccer athletic scholarships. At the moment FFAS is providing scholarships to ASCC for high school students that play soccer.
The workshop was closed on Dec. 4 with a dinner party that doubled as the association’s Christmas party with presidents, their team coaches and also referees.

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