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Black Roses goes for repeat against Pago Youth A

The men’s game for third place also takes place with Vailoatai Youth taking on Fagasa Youth.
Black Roses were declared champions of the tsunami-shortened, 2009 season tied with Ilaoa & To’omata for a league-leading 18 points off of 6-1 records.
It was the differential in goals tiebreaker that allowed them to be declared champions (12-11) over Ilaoa & To’omata when the competition was called off due to the earthquake and tsunami of Sept. 29, 2010 that devastated several villages of the territory, including the FFAS compound in Pago Pago and villages where some member clubs were from such as Fagasa (Fagasa Youth) and Leone (Ilaoa & To’omata).
Their only loss last year was to PanSa while Ilaoa & To’omata’s only drop was against Black Roses. One of the defending champs’ victories last year came against their upcoming opponent, Pago Youth (1-0).
This year both teams did not meet as they were in different groups and both lost out in advancing to the final of the inaugural President’s Cup tournament and so are keen to earn the championship for the regular competition.
“We are ready for Pago and I hope this becomes the best game for the whole league,” explained Black Roses’ coach, John Ott. “Pago is one of the top teams in our league with very good players who display great footwork so they will be a very tough team to beat. Both teams I believe are 100% fit and it will come down to whichever team makes the most mistakes will lose this game.”
Black Roses won Pool A and then narrowly defeated Vailoatai Youth 1-0 in their semi-final match.
“Black Roses is one of the best teams in the league and I believe both teams will be out there to do their best to win,” said Ailao Tualaulelei, coach of Pago Youth A via mobile phone from Manu’a. “They are very fast and very fit and play with great attitude. I want to wish John [Ott] and his team the best of luck.”
Pago A won their group also and dominated Fagasa Youth 4-1 in their semi-final meeting.
The men’s games kick off simultaneously at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2010 at Kananafou Theological Center.