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FFAS’ Summer Youth League 2011 kicksoff

“That’s music to our association’s ears, hearing the cries of joy and laughter coming from the children as they played, especially from the younger age (6-8, 9-11) groups,” exclaimed FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet. “There is no better way to start off our first competition on our newly re-seeded field than to have it kick off with our Summer Youth League.”
DJ J-Smooth (Joe Iosua) provided the sounds that had the little more than 300 children bumpin’ and krumpin’ all morning.
There are nine teams competing in the 6-8 division, seven for the 9-11, four for the Boys’ 12-14, four for the Girls’ 15-17 and seven for the Boys’ 15-17.
The 6-8 and 9-11 divisions are mixed and all competitions are five-a-side contests using Futsal Laws of the Game.
“We will have playoffs for the older children but the younger ones, they are playing just for fun,” explained FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua.
FFAS’ Summer Youth League is for its clubs only so parents wanting to enter their children into the competition must register them through the soccer association’s 17 clubs.
“Just give us a call to let us know where you live and we will direct you to the club nearest to you,” Taumua said. “This is a great competition for the youth of our territory and we can tell the parents and other adults are having a lot of fun watching the children play.”

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