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Playoffs to close out Summer Youth League

Games for the mixed 6-8 and mixed 9-11 brackets will also be held and FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet will be on hand to close out the games.
“It’s been a very successful competition for all the age groups and a joy to watch, especially the younger children,” Iuli explained. “It’s sad that our competition for the children is coming to an end but all good things must come to an end.”
Iuli had encouraged all the participants — including parents and coaches — that the main key out of this was to have fun when he opened the competition last week and with one more match day remaining, he said that goal was evident on every match day.
“What a great sight to see, Pago Park Soccer Stadium filled with children and their parents laughing and cheering,” he said. “It was a success from the first day. To all the teams preparing for the playoffs, good luck and have fun.”
The semi-finals for the Boys 15-17 and championship match will all be held on Friday while the Boys 12-14 and Girls 15-17 divisions will head straight to the title games.
The first stage of the Boys’ 15-17 playoffs were held on Wednesday, July 13, 2011.
BOYS 15-17
A drawing of lots was held by the four semifinalists after the first stage of the playoffs was completed with Utulei Youth set to take on Pago Youth while Vaitogi United is set to play Green Bay.
With seven teams in the group, Utulei Youth sat out the postseason’s first round after leaving the group stage as the top team.
In the ensuing playoffs Green Bay edged Kiwi Soccers 2-1; Vaitogi United held off Vaiala Tongan 2-1 and Pago Youth beat Black Roses 3-1.
GIRLS 15-17
With only four teams in the division, the top two advance to the title match while the bottom duo play for 3rd and 4th place.
Kiwi Soccers finished No. 1 in the group with 24 points while Green Bay edged the Tafuna Jets by a differential in goals (-3—-4) as both were tied with eight points apiece. Vaiala Tongan came in fourth with six points.
Thus Kiwi Soccers takes on Green Bay for the title while the other match features the Tafuna Jets vs. Vaiala Tongan.
BOYS 12-14
Green Bay outdistanced its three other competitors in the group with 21 points while Atu’u Broncos finished second with 12. The Tafuna Jets and Black Roses were third and fourth with 10 and 3 points, respectively.
Green Bay will play the Atu’u Broncos in the championship game while the Jets take on Black Roses in the game for 3rd and 4th place.

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