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Greener pastures at Pago Park Soccer Stadium

“We are extremely happy that our field is ready for use,” explained Tavita Taumua, FFAS’ CEO. “Actually we started using it a lot earlier than expected.”
Vuksich & Borich field consultant Laurie Stubbing had projected the field ready for use by the first week of July. However, with the field cover at 99%, Taumua made the decision to start using Pago Park Soccer Stadium.
“It was mainly for our men and women’s national teams’ training sessions,” Taumua said. “We’ve also been using it in the mornings for our Soccer Footies program as well.”
FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet could not have been happier about the field’s condition.
“Finally, after a long wait, we can use it for our activities,” he said. “From the time of the (2009) Sept. 29 tsunami up to the re-seeding that did not germinate we’ve had to make do.
“Helping us in this situation was Kananafou Theological Seminary,” Iuli added. “We will be forever grateful to them for allowing us use of their field and our partnership with them will continue.”
Next week the first official competition kicks off with the FFAS Summer Youth League 2011 kicking off on July 5.
“It is very fortunate for us to be able to kick off our tournament here in Pago Pago with our yearly league that focuses on what keeps our asssociation alive, the youth of American Samoa,” Taumua pointed out.
He went on to say that the national teams will continue to train in Pago Pago until they leave for the 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia.
“Our national league is tentatively scheduled for late September so when our teams leave for New Caledonia there’ll be some weeks there where we can rest the field and have it fertilized,” he said. “All of our clubs cannot wait to compete here because after the FIFA Goal Project phases II & III, our field is bigger and they will be playing on international sizes when the competition kicks off.”

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