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Top 4 taking shape in Private Elementary schools league

The top 4 teams for the playoffs are taking shape in the 2016 FFAS Private Elementary Schools League six game days into the competition.

The standings reflect to the Game Day 6 that was completed on Nov. 3, 2016.


2015 defending champs St. Francis is in the mix with a second place showing in the standings, but the team to beat is Iakina with a 6-0 record and a whopping 44 goals scored, while allowing six.

With 18 points they are the No. 1 team while St. Francis is second with 12, followed by Peteli (10 points) and South Pacific Academy (9 points) to round out the Top 4.

Two other teams have a shot at the No. 4 spot, Samoa Baptist Academy (7 points), and St. Theresa (7 points). Pacific Horizons School is at No. 7 with five points, followed by Kanana Fou-1 (2 points) and Kanana Fou-2 (0 points).


St. Francis and Peteli Academy are the top teams in the Girls 6-8 bracket with 15 points each. St. Francis holds the goals differential tiebreaker by a seven-goal (21-14) margin over Peteli.

The top four picture is a bit tight after that with South Pacific Academy at No. 3 with 10 poitns, and St. Theresa-1 having the differential in goals edge over Kanana Fou-2 as both teams have nine points each. St. Theresa-1 leads by 13 goals in the tiebreakder with 10, while Kanana Fou-2 is -3.

Defending champions Kanana Fou-1 are in sixth place with six points, followed by Iakina with six points as well, while Samoa Baptist (1 point) and St. Theresa-2 round out the nine teams competing.


Peteli Academy’s goal-scoring spree has them leading Kanana Fou-2 in the first tiebreaker as both teams are tied with 15 points each. The goal difference between the two is 20-5 with Peteli netting 26 times while allowing six, and nine for Kanana Fou-2 while seeing four scored against them.

Iakina is third with 12 points, followed by St. Theresa-1 with nine, just a point ahead of No. 5 Kanana Fou-1 (8). Sitting at No. 6 is Samoa Baptist Academy (7 points), followed by No. 7 Pacific Horizons School, No. 8 St. Theresa-2 (six points), No. 9 South Pacific-1 (five points) and No. 10 South Pacific-2 (0 points).

Peteli Academy is the division’s defending champions.


Samoa Baptist-1 leads by a point over Kanana Fou-1 and Pacific Horizons School (16-15-15) while Peteli has a four-point lead for the No. 4 spot in the standings with 12 points.

Kanana Fou-1 has a 10-7 edge over Pacific Horizons in the tiebreaker for second place.

Iakina is at No. 5 with eight points, followed by St. Theresa at No. 6, No. 7 is SPA-2, No. 8 is Kanana Fou-2, No. 9 is SBA-2 and defending champs SPA-1 is No. 10.

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