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FFAS mourns loss of young, budding athlete

Mifi, as he was known, was a youngster who loved sports and was an avid soccer player. He played the game while in elementary at Uifa’atali Peter Coleman Elementary and also when he entered Samoana High School.
Tualaulelei also played for FFAS club member Pago Youth and was selected to the U-17 squad preparing for the OFC Men’s U-27 Championships that will be held January, 2011 in New Zealand.
He comes from a very athletic family as both his parents were involved in village teams of a lot of sports back in their hey day and his brothers are also excellent players themselves.
According to a Talanei.com (KHJ Radio News) report he fell off of a truck on Oct. 28, 2010 and then was “admitted in a comatose state the next morning, after his parents were unable to wake him up.”
He passed away on Nov. 4 and was buried on Friday, November 19, 2010 at his home in Pago Pago.
FFAS sent a wreath to honor the young lad who passed away at the age of 16 as well as sending representatives to the service.
“On behalf of FFAS we all send our deepest condolences to the parents of Mifi, Ailao Sr. and Frieda Tualaulelei and of course all of his brothers and family,” expressed FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua. “It is a sad day when parents have to put to rest a child of theirs especially at such a young age and we all feel their pain.
“Mifi, for a 16 year old, was big, strong and very adept with a soccer ball,” he added. “He used to come over to my house and hang out there because he was very good friends with my son Michael. I am very sad at his passing and have passed on my condolences to the family. We are also very sad to see a player of his caliber pass on before he could fulfill his potential.”
Manuia le malaga Mifi Tualaulelei!

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