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Women’s top 4 shifts again

Utulei Youth moved back into the No. 3 spot they vacated for a week while Kiwi Soccers is back into the playoff picture falling out of it five rounds ago. Kiwi was supposed to have played Vailoatai Youth last Saturday but that match and one other of the women’s competition (plus two in the men’s division) were suspended due to a heated exchange among spectators following the conclusion of the men’s Pago Youth A-Vailoatai Youth contest.
Kiwi Soccers needed that game in order to continue their quest for a playoff-spot thus it was re-scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010. There are no other days to hold these games as the women’s playoffs kick off next week Saturday, Nov. 27 with the final round being held on Nov. 25. However, Vailoatai Youth club official and coach, Tanuvasa Vailoa Levaula, graciously conceded the win to Kiwi Soccers in order for the competition to proceed smoothly.
The only other match not played was Black Roses vs. Green Bay and that one may not be replayed as Black Roses is by leading the competition by far with Green Bay no longer in contention for a playoff spot.
Ilaoa & To’omata defeated the Jets 3-1 with the latter fielding only seven players while in other matches it was Fagasa Youth 4, Lion Heart 1; Uutlei Youth 3, PanSa 0 and Pago Youth 3, Fagatogo Blue 0 in a win by forfeit.
The games not played are Kiwi Soccers vs. Vailoatai Youth and Black Roses against Green Bay.
At the moment the standings are — from No. 1 to 12 — Black Roses, Ilaoa & To’omata, Utulei Youth, Fagasa Youth, Tafuna Jets, Kiwi Soccers, PanSa, Green Bay, Pago Youth, Vailoatai Youth, Lion Heart and Fagatogo Blue.
Only the top 4 teams advance to the postseason and if the last two games are needed to determine a final four spot then they will be played at a later date.
On Saturday, Nov. 20, the games are Fagasa Youth vs. Pago Youth; Vailoatai Youth vs. Fagatogo Blue; Lion Heart vs. Black Roses; Utulei Youth vs. Kiwi Soccers; Green Bay vs. Tafuna Jets and Ilaoa & To’omata vs. PanSa.

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