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4 teams in tight race for final two playoff spots

No. 1 Black Roses and No. 2 Ilaoa & To’omata are in firm hold of the top two-playoff spots going into the second-to-last round of the competition, Round 10. The regular season ends on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25) with the top 4 playoffs kicking off two days later.
Just last week Utulei moved back into the No. 3 spot after vacating it for a week at No. 4. The previous No. 4, Tafuna Jets, plummeted down two spots to No. 6 after losing 3-1 to Ilaoa & To’omata while fielding only seven players.
There may be another change again after this weekend as Utulei takes on Kiwi with Fagasa Youth and Jets waiting to jump back into an available playoff spot. Utulei needs to win to clinch the No. 3 spot as they will get an automatic, round 11 win after Fagatogo Blue earned their third forfeiture last week to bow out of the competition.
The competition’s rules & regulation state that if a team defaults three times they will no longer take part in it.
Thus Utulei will get an automatic win next week Thursday as their opponent is Fagatogo Blue.
Fagasa Youth takes on Pago Youth while Tafuna faces off against Green Bay. They both need to win and hope for a Kiwi loss to move back into the top 4. Fagasa has the goals differential edge over the Jets with 17 to the latter’s 0.
In other games it will be Ilaoa & To’omata vs. PanSa and Lion Heart vs. Black Roses while Vailoatai Youth earns an automatic win against Fagatogo Blue.