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Silt barrier erected to stop soil runoff

The first phase of the FIFA Goal Project — an initiative by FIFA to help national associations around the world improve their facilities — was opened in 2007 but was badly damaged by a natural disaster just two years later when an earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of the territory.
The second and third phases include the renovation of the office and extension of the playing fields.
FIFA has contributed US $800,000 towards the tsunami repair work and the next phases of the Goal Project.
Stubbing said that the barrier was erected to stop soil runoff into the Pago Pago Harbor.
The barrier, which had to be ordered from off island and only arrived on Thursday, July 15, 2010 was erected the following day and covers 900-feet along the water edge.
It is two-feet in height and was erected 6-8 inches into the ground.
The silt barrier was one of EPA’s requirements for a land-use permit.
According to Stubbing the earthworks portion, or clearing of the hill by the stream has been delayed slightly because of the rain but he added they expect the clearing to be completed in approxiamately two weeks.
The clearing of the hill is needed so that the playing field can be extended towards that area in order to have two minimum-size FIFA international fields.
Once the earthworks are completed the next project is a security field to surround the entire complex.

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