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New FFAS website launched

The website, www.ffas.as, went live on July 28, 2010 and it includes the latest news, photos and information about Football Federation American Samoa and the sport of soccer.
“I like the look of the new website, it has a very professional-like look,” explained Iuli Alex Godinet, FFAS president. “I am extremely thankful towards OFC for centralizing all the MA’s websites and giving it this new and improved look.”
OFC Media Officer Xavier Audu travelled to the territory near the end of July to train FFAS Media Officer Brian Vitolio on the media side of the site. There is also a competitions side and Terrence ‘Pati’ Sinapati sat in for this session with Audu.
“Brian’s experience working for more than 10 years at Samoa News is now being put to good use for our association, especially on this venture with our new website,” explained Tavita Taumua, FFAS CEO. “He’s worked with photos both in taking them and preparing them for production as well as having a good understanding of the internet and that will serve us well.
“I would like to point out that FFAS decided to hire a Media Officer well before OFC provided funds to make it compulsory for all MAs to hire a person in this position and we were lucky to get someone with the experience and knowledge that Brian has gained over the years in his time with Samoa News.
“Also, because of that bond of his with the local media it has enabled a seamless flow of regular soccer stories and photos each week with the Samoa News and KHJ Radio’s Sports Beat with Penni-Girl,” Taumua added.
According to OFC all the Oceania MA’s websites are to be similar in arrangement to that of its very own that was launched last year. Also, all 11 MA’s are to have their new websites up and running by January 2011.
OFC General Secretary Tai Nicholas said in an OFC press release “it will take each member association to another level. Most of the countries now have a media officer, which they didn’t have in the past, and are more capable of selling the game, not only in print media but on the web as well.
“”The aim is for Oceania to be like one big happy family and have the ability to share information back and forth. There’s been a huge change already – we’ve gone from having very little coverage on the web to where we are now.”
And it will be “like one big happy family” as the format uses a method called the Customer Reltaionship Management system, one that allows all MAs to share information on a single server that is operated and run by OFC. Stay in Front Inc., a company in New Zealand, developed the site.
FFAS is the third MA to undergo the new website launching, following Samoa and the Cook Islands.

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