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Summer Youth League winds down

The children for the lower divisions — 6-8 Mixed and 9-11 Mixed — have been having a ball playing twice a day during the past four game days to the delight of their parents, grandparents and guardians.
During their games every parent is a coach and they do so all in the spirit of the game. Some, with children playing in the older categories — 12-14 Boys; 15-17 Boys and Girls — prefer the pure enjoyment of the younger children playing.
These two divisons are playing just for fun while the older youths are battling fiercely for the top four playoffs that will be held on August 7. The playoffs’ format is No. 1 vs. No. 4 and No. 2 vs. No. 3.
BOYS 12-14
The defending champs, Lion Heart, are in third out of a five-team competition with Pago Youth leading with a 6-0 record for 18 points. Vailoatai Youth is second at 5-2 for 15 points, followed by Lion Heart at 4-2 for 12; Green Bay at 1-5 for 3 points and the Tafuna Jets rounding it out at 0-7.
The latter is on its way out while the top four teams are basically set with two rounds to play.
GIRLS 15-17
Black Roses, the defending champs, are the best of the division with the prospect of winning their third title in a row for this competition. They lead with an 8-0 record for 24 points in the six-team competition.
The Tafuna Jets is second at 5-1-2 for 17 points; Kiwi Soccers is third at 3-3-2 for 11 and Ilaoa & To’omata rounding out the fourth and final playoff spot with a similar record and goals differential with Kiwi Soccers at three apiece. The former had the edge in goals scored with 15 to Ilaoa & To’omata’s 11.
In fifth place is Green Bay at 1-5-2 for five points and Vailoatai Youth with an 0-8 record.
BOYS 15-17
Utulei Youth leads this division with 21 points off of a 7-1 record while Vailoatai Youth is second at 6-1-1 for 18 points. Black Roses, the defending champs, are in third after a 5-2-1 record for 16 points and rouding out the top four teams is Pago Youth at 3-1-4 for 13 points.
Close on Pago Youth’s heels for that fourth and final playoff spot is Lion Heart with 10 points from a 3-4-1 record; Green Bay is sixth at 2-4-2 for 8 points; Tafuna Jets is in seventh with a 1-6-1 showing for four points while Kiwi Soccers is 0-8.

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