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PMG discusses FFAS Goal Project

The PMG consists of FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet, CEO Tavita Taumua, Vuksich & Borich Ltd New Zealand President Ray Vuksich, field consultant Laurie Stubbing, Paramount Builders Inc. Project Engineer Edmund Occena and Project Site Manager Fonoti Perelini Perelini.
Insurance was discussed for the safety of the workers.
Fonoti told the group that he had submitted the public bathroom plans to the Department of Public Works and that they were currently being reviewed by DPW’s engineers.
A canteen and medical room will also take up space at the Grand Stand.
However, Fonoti informed the group that the extension of the office building might be stalled due to coastal zone requirements.
Because the office building is next to the coastline and if it is to be extended the entire building must be elevated 12-feet above sea level on concrete piles. It cannot be a cement-foundation, as concrete piles will allow a flood to flow through and out of the concrete piles.
This is a big concern for the PMG because of the cost involved in elevating the entire building if it is to be extended. Other concerns include new blueprints and an amended timetable for the conclusion of the project.
Space inside the Pago Park Soccer Stadium compound is limited and one of the group’s concerns is that if a new structure housing the changing rooms is to be built, there will no longer be any space available for any future projects that are currently in the brainstorming stages.
Thus the PMG is hoping that the extension of the building can go through without the current structure needing to be placed on concrete piles.
The extension towards the old market side is for office use while the other side is to be used to build teams’ changing rooms and each extension is 12-feet in length to either side.
However, if a separate structure is built then these must meet the concrete piles requirement while the main office does not need to be touched.
At the moment Paramount Builders is clearing the hill near the stream and will start renovating the office once the building permits are obtained.
The clearing of the hill near the stream is part of the extension of the new field that has not been re-sown yet.
FFAS will have two minimum-sized international fields (110 yards long and 70 yards wide) once the extension of the field and new grass re-sown is complete.
FFAS is expecting a FIFA visit within the next two weeks to check on the progress of the Phases II & III construction.
The PMG hopes to meet every two weeks to discuss the progress of the upgrade and all other matters pertaining to it.

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