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Iuli thankful for FIFA World Cup coverage

“This final match was the 64th match of a FIFA World Cup shown in American Samoa and that is the first time that has ever happened.
“And that would not have happened if not for the efforts by a number of people and organiations — FIFA, OFC, Fiji’s Mai-TV, TVNZ, Moana-TV and KVZK-TV.”
From June 11 to July 11, 2010, the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ was on everybody’s mind, especially the progress of USA by many in American Samoa.
“Thank you (OFC) President Reynald Temarii and (General Secretary) Tai Nicholas for your part in allowing American Samoa to broadcast these games,” Iuli said. “Many thanks goes to Blue Sky Communication’s (CEO) Adolfo Montenegro and Public Information Director Paolo Sivia Sivia for working together with our CEO Tavita Taumua and Media Officer Brian Vitolio in bringing the games to our territory.
“Broadbridge (Mai TV managing director) had the sub-leasing rights for the World Cup all across Oceania and he deserves thanks for allowing our two stations to carry their signal.”
American Samoa paid close attention to USA’s progress and talked incessantly about their final, dramatic group-ending match that saw them win 1-0 against Algeria. That match was shown at 3 a.m. local time and a fact made known after the game by the television announcer was used by KHJ Radio’s V103 FM’s morning show as the topic for their “Mate Mai” (Guess the Answer).
The first caller, all the way from atop Aoloau, guessed correctly and it goes to show the amount of people in the territory awake and watching the FIFA World Cup matches despite the early hours.
Moana-TV and KVZK both re-played the games later on in the evening and this allowed those that missed the live feed to watch it for themselves.
“I was getting a lot of comments from people about being able to watch these early-hour games in the evening,” explained Taumua. “Even I couldn’t watch some of the games so I was glad that they were being re-played at that time.”
Hearts were broken in American Samoa when USA fell to Ghana 2-1 in extra time during their Round of 16 pairing.
“One of our partners Blue Sky Communications, especially (CEO) Montenegro and Moana-TV have stuck by us for another year and they jumped at the chance of broadcasting the games for free,” Iuli added. “Moana-TV was the first one we approached about carrying Mai TV’s feed and they were ecstatic about it and never wavered from their committment.”
“It cost us to show a small number of matches back in 2006,” Taumua recalled. “But this one, not a penny.”
“Thank you also to Paolo for accepting the burden of broadcasting the games because I know it is not an easy thing to do because KVZK-TV, as a government-run station, operates under strict guidelines because of the public funding they get,” Iuli said. “They interrupted their regularly scheduled programs in the morning to broadcast the daily matches.”
The FFAS staff each selected their two favorite teams before the tournament and watched their progress closely. Friendly bantering was fierce when one staff member’s pick played against another.
In the end the CEO trumped all picks when Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0. The latter was Men’s Development Officer Ruben Luvu’s favorite of the tournament.
“And finally, I am very thankful to TVNZ for lending Moana-TV and KVZK-TV a decoder each to unscramble the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ feed,” a thankful Iuli said. “American Samoa will be hoping for such a service again for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.”

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