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FFAS hosts FIFA MA Referees Course

“And again I would like to extend our thanks and welcome to your instructors, Misters Massimo Raveino (Referee Development Officer), Neil Poloso (Referee Instructor) and Kader Touati (Fitness Instructor),” Iuli added. “Welcome to your home away from home.”
The course will be five days long from 8:30-3:30 a.m. daily at the Pago Park Soccer Stadium facilities. Local referee instructors Uinifareti Aliva, Lemusa Alatasi and fitness instructors Terrence Sinapati and Tala Fa’alavaau are assisting the three FIFA representatives.
“Referees and Assistant Referees are managers of the game and are also FIFA Laws of the Game lawyers out on the field,” Raveino told the 22 participants. “You have to manage the 22 players out on the field and we are here to help you in that area.”
After the opening Raveino officially presented Iuli and FFAS with three items for the association’s referees — a Microgate Timing system (used to time referees during fitness tests), laptop and projector.
The fitness test for the referees will be held on Tuesday, August 2, 2011.
FFAS’ Head of Referees and Executive Committee member Silasila Samuelu was also on hand serving as masters of ceremony and introducing the referees, some of them new, to the trio that have traveled to American Samoa the past four years to conduct these courses.

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