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Iuli, EXCO off to South Africa

They departed the territory on Saturday, June 5, 2010 and return June 13.
“We are excited to be able to travel to South Africa to represent FFAS at the FIFA Congress and also to be there for the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa,” Iuli said. “This will be a good opportunity for us to make contacts with heads of other Member Associations as well as meet some of the top FIFA officials such as President Joseph S. Blatter and OFC President Reynald Temarii.
“One of the subjects I will be discussing with them is the start of our Goal Project II & III which will commence at the end of this month.”
They will also witness the opening game of the competition when host South Africa takes on Mexico.
“That is another exciting aspect of our travel to South Africa is witnessing a FIFA World Cup match first hand,” Iuli pointed out. “The experience of taking in the game atmosphere is something that needs to be experienced first hand and we are all extremely excited about it.”
The opening ceremony and match will be shown live on KVZK-TV’s channel 5 and Moana-TV’s channel 6.
Both recently signed contracts with Fiji’s Mai-TV to broadcast all 64 games live in American Samoa.
TVNZ provided decoders to both stations that were presented by FFAS’ president and CEO Tavita Taumua that will be used to unscramble the live feeds from Mai-TV.
“American Samoa will be able to watch all 64 games and for that I want to thank Fiji’s Mai-TV, OFC, TVNZ, Blue Sky Communications and Moana-TV as well as Governor Togiola and KVZK for all making this possible,” Iuli said. “Most of the games will be held in the early morning but I believe there will be a big audience for it in American Samoa.”

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