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Night Hawk wins Business League Title

The game went to a penalty shootout after two halves of 15 minutes per and an extra period of five minutes ended in a 2-2 tie. Only one extra period was held because of impending darkness and the village Sa.
Twice Night Hawk had to comeback to equalize the score and they were trailing by one after the first period of play.
Pacific Printing/Deluxe Cafe’s Angela Sa’o scored midway through the first half only to see her club teammate, and Night Hawk employee, Meleane Ioapo tie it 1-1 five minutes into the second half.
However, on the re-start Night Hawk goalie Vailoa Levaula never saw the shot coming as Reno One sent a beautifully struck shot straight into the back of the net to lead 2-1 again.
Night Hawk kept up the pressure and was rewarded five minutes to fulltime with the equalizer off of the foot of Tafa Ioapo.
With a new change in goalies, Night Hawk’s Toe expertly fended off One’s restart that was again straight and true to the goal to maintain the tie.
During the 3-on-3 shootout, Night Hawk made their first attempt by Peni Ioapo and that turned out to be the winner as the next successive shooters all missed or had their shots blocked.