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Vailoatai falls from No. 1

Round 10 of the competition was postponed to June 19 because the bad weather conditions and non-stop games wreaked havoc on the field, making it unplayable at least for that day.
The last and final round, Round 11, will also be played on June 19 to determine the playoffs’ top 4 teams that is being hotly contested by the top six teams in the standings — No. 1 Pago Youth (21), No. 2 Black Roses (20), No. 3 Vailoatai Youth (20), No. 4 Lion Heart (18), No. 5 FC SKBC (17) and No. 6 Tafuna Jets (17).
The rest of the standings are No. 7 Utulei Youth (9), No. 8 Kiwi Soccers, No. 9 Ilaoa & To’omata (7), No. 10 PanSa (7), No. 11 Fagatogo Blue (6) and No. 12 Green Bay (1).
Vailoatai Youth fought back from a 3-0 deficit against Utulei Youth to tie their game 3-3 on June 12 while Pago Youth jumped to the No. 1 spot with a 9-1 shellacking of Kiwi Soccers while in other games it was Black Roses 2, FC SKBC 1; Lion Heart 3, PanSa 1; Tafuna Jets 2, Ilaoa & To’omata 1 and Fagatogo Blue 4, Green Bay 1.
If all six teams win their last two games of the season, then the top four remains. However, that will be impossible as some of these teams will be playing each other.
Lion Heart and Black Roses have their work cutout for them as the former takes on the top two teams while the latter contends with the former and Vailoatai Youth.
Pago Youth’s other game is against Ilaoa & To’omata; Vailoatai’s other match is against Fagatogo Blue; FC SKBC faces off against Kiwi and PanSa while the Tafuna Jets will play Utulei Youth and Green Bay.
It will be a race to the finish for all teams to determine the top four for the playoffs schedule for June 26.