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Soccer leaders Faiivae, Fano sworn in as Senators

FFAS President Faiivae Iuli Alex Godinet and executive committee member Fano Frank Shimasaki were sworn in as Senators of their respective districts on January 3, 2017.

They were among 18 senators who took the oath of office during the opening of the Legislature or Fono’s 35th session. Their terms are for four years.

Senator Faiivae represents the Fofo district as the village of Leone’s high ranking matai while Senator Fano, Faga’alu village’s titular head, takes on one of the three seats for Maoputasi district.

Their oath of office comes after traditional leaders in their respective districts selected them during county meetings last November.

For the new Legislature, Faiivae and Fano have been appointed to chair two of the largest and important Senate committees.

Faiivae is the chairman of the Senate Education Committee while Fano, president of the Faga’alu Green Bay Soccer Club, heads the Communications/Fisheries/Marine and Wildlife committee.

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