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Pago, Utulei draw in women’s FFAS National Cup game

Pago Youth and Utulei Youth drew 1-1 in the women’s National Cup challenge game on Match Day 5 of the FFAS National League on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.

The draw helped Pago Youth retain the cup against the toughest opponent they have faced since winning the cup away from Vaiala Tongan on Sept. 22, 2018. In other games it was Taputimu Youth 4, Ilaoa & To’omata 1; PanSa 4, Vaiala Tongan 1 and two games ended on forfeits, Royal Puma over Black Roses and the Tafuna Jets over Lion Heart.

Both teams that lost by forfeit did not field enough players to start the game, however, Black Roses have now earned their second such loss and have been automatically removed from participating in the rest of the competition.

In the meantime Taputimu Youth (4-1-0) is three points clear of Pago Youth (3-1-0) and Ilaoa & To’omata (3-1-1) for the No. 1 spot in the standings, with 13 points to the latter’s 10 each.

Pago Youth has a 25-4 goals difference advantage over No. 3 Ilaoa & To’omata for the No. 2 spot behind Taputimu Youth.

Three teams are tied with seven points each, but are ranked by the differential in goals tiebreaker, from No. 3 to No. 6. They are PanSa (2-1-1-), Utulei Youth (2-1-2) and Royal Puma (2-1-1-).

Lion Heart (1-0-3) and Vaiala Tongan (2-0-3) are numbers 7 & 8, respectively, with six points each, while Green Bay (1-1-2) is the sole No. 9th seed with four points, and the Tafuna Jets (1-0-4) at No. 10 with three points.


Mekiraenna Taumoepeau blocked a clearance by Pago Youth’s goalie and the deflection caused the ball to roll into the back of the net for an Utulei Youth goal that helped them draw 1-1.

Pago Youth dominated possession of the ball and was inside Utulei’s side of the half during the majority of the game. Alofamoni Falefia scored for Pago Youth in the first half, but Utulei’s defenders Kalala Fuiono and Fuatino Sikimi stopped many attacks from turning into scoring opportunities.

The equalizer occurred with less than three minutes to play in the game when a Pago defender passed the ball back to her teammate, the goalie. Taumoepeau was quick on the attack, and just happened to be at the right spot when the goalkeeper tried to clear the ball away. Instead it ricocheted off of Taumoepeau and rolled into the goal for tying score.

Green Bay gets a second shot at the cup when they play against Pago Youth this coming Saturday. They lost 1-0 against Vaiala Tongan during the opening weekend of the league. Utulei Youth takes on Lion Heart on Match Day 6 on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018.


Taputimu Youth and Ilaoa & To’omata were both tied with similar records and points going into this game last Saturday, and it was close in the first half with the former leading 1-0.

Ilaoa & To’omata kept it competitive but in the second half they ran out of answers as Salevu Filiva’a helped put them away by scoring two goals. The win gives them sole possession of the top spot, while Ilaoa & To’omata remains as the No. 2 seed.

Taputimu Youth is off with a bye this weekend while Ilaoa & To’omata takes on PanSa.


PanSa came back strong from its bye week to win handily against Vaiala Tongan, 4-1.

Rayxena Tauao scored twice for PanSa while Blanche Herrera and Paea Milikigi chipped in a goal each.

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