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American Samoa fans happy to see games online

“I received great feedback from my family and friends back home in American Samoa about watching the games online,” said FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua who traveled as the team’s manager. “Some of our very own club presidents were able to view the games online and were extremely happy with that.”
Most of the tournament matches were streamed live on oceaniafootball.com while the last two days of the competition saw the games also broadcasted live to television stations in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tahiti and the Solomon Islands via satellite.
American Samoa’s games against Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea were shown live while the final group matches (Vanuatu vs. Papua New Guinea; Fiji vs. American Samoa) were played simultaneously. This meant that only one of these games would be shown online and with Vanuatu-Papua New Guinea being played on the main field, the Fiji-American Samoa match was not streamed on the Internet.
One fan living in Oxnard, California got to see younger brother Chris Seui play for American Samoa.
“I was able to view their games live while at work and during my breaks off (of) my phone,” explained Melinda Seui-Passi. “It was great to see the game live on the Internet. Thank God for the Internet!”
Punaoa Veni Sopoaga, president of Fagasa Youth, attempted to watch the games online especially with one of the players belonging to his club but his Internet speed was not up to par.
“It was too bad because I was really looking forward to watching it,” Punaoa said. “The feed kept freezing due to my slow Internet.”
At the FFAS office in Pago Pago, they were able to watch American Samoa’s games seamlessly.
“It was great being able to watch our team play live on the Internet,” said FFAS Administrative Assistant Terrence Sinapati. “We were all very thankful to OFC for streaming these game live.
“Friday (Saturday in New Zealand) was a holiday for us but I walked to the office to watch our team take on PNG,” Sinapati added. “I also went on Sunday after church but discovered that our game against Fiji was not on so that was a little disappointing.”
FFAS club member Lion Heart’s president welcomed the opportunity to watch it online.
“I didn’t think we’d be able to watch it live especially since the U-17 tournament was not put online as well,” said Amio Mavaega-Luvu, also the wife of the U-20 team’s coach, Ruben Luvu. Her son, Ruben Jr., was a member of the U-17 team that competed back in January. “It felt like I was right there at the games while sitting in front of my desk watching.”
She went on to say that people in the territory never get to see their teams competing in off island tournaments but with this service provided by OFC, it brought the game home.
“Some of my co-workers knew I was watching a game but when they found out who was playing they came and cheered along with me,” Mavaega-Luvu added. “And being able to watch the entire game instead of just the highlights, that was amazing for all of us.”
Seui-Passi echoed these thoughts.
“To see (Chris) play live was great for me as I am so far away from not only home (American Samoa) but also from where the games took place,” she pointed out. “I was very proud to see not only my brother but other young Samoans trying their best to represent the game and their families.”
She went on to say that she was teary-eyed when thinking of “the emotion the guys were going through…(battling) the unfamiliar weather” and going up against much more skilled players.
“I am extremely proud of them, win or lose, they were winners to me!”
Streaming the games online also comes out a winner as well.

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