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FFAS donates equipment to HS soccer teams

The donation comes in time as the schools prepare for the upcoming girls’ 11-a-side soccer and boys Futsal that kick off on Jan. 8 and 11, respectively.
FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet was on hand to donate the equipment to representatives from Leone, Samoana, Tafuna, Faga’itua, Kananafou, Fa’asao-Marist and Nu’uuli Voc-Tech high schools. Representing the DOE Athletics Department were its head Tumua Matu’u and Ene Kapisi.
“This is a donation that we felt needed to made and some of the items are those that teams are always short of each year,” Iuli said. “So we give it to you in good faith knowing that you will use it for the benefit of the children playing soccer.”
Also on hand to witness the event were various FFAS club presidents.
“Every year our referees always have problems with players using card boards for shin guards instead of the proper ones,” pointed out CEO Tavita Taumua. “So we give this to you guys knowing that we will not have this problem this year and with the understanding that the J-V and varsity teams will share these shin guards.”
Matu’u thanks FFAS on behalf of DOE, her office and the schools receiving the equipments.
“Your association is the most supportive of ASHSAA every year,” pointed out Matu’u, “especially in the area of officials. Paying officials is a huge expense for ASHSAA every year and FFAS provides this service for free to us, they provide their field for free to us and now equipments for free.
“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.”

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