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B Licence candidate progress assessed

“This is a good opportunity for me to see coaches in their environment and to see how the players react to different formats of technical advance practices — small-sided games or phase of play,” said Chambaron, who visited American Samoa from the 26-27 February.
Chambaron and UEFA technical instructor and English Football Association coach education manager Steve Rutter conducted the OFC B License coaching course 1-16 December, 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand.
This was a first ever OFC B License coaching course and included 20 participants, including Luvu. The participants were assessed four times each during the course and given feedback by the organizers in order to help them improve their training plans and delivery.
“The B-License is a short term objective of preparing coaches with the long term goal of producing top quality players,” Chambaron said.
He added that this visit is part of a year-long process in which he travels to each OFC Member Association for a follow-up before a final assessment of the participants near the end of the year at each coach’s island.
“If we want better players, and when I say players I mean boys and girls, then we must have better coaches,” he said.
OFC wants the B License aspirants to be actively involved with a team so that they can put their knowledge to use on a regular basis.
During the B-License follow-up, the formats of each session are more advanced and specific with the goal of achieving its training plan objectives. Coaches are to assess their teams and establish a training plan based on the team’s needs.
“All of the coaches need to practice, they have to improve their delivery so that their players can perform well and understand the message faster,” the OFC head of coach education said.
Luvu will be involved with U-17, U-20 and one senior level men’s teams and according to Chambaron his assessment will be held in either October or November.
Chambaron provides directions and feedback during course of the year to the coaches to help improve and prepare them for their final assessment and possible future coaching career.
Another avenue of aid Luvu can turn to is OFC coach mentor Simon Toselli who is currently on the island and will be here until 8 March. Toselli is in charge of coaching development in American Samoa, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.