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2014 version of President’s Cup underway

Both Utulei Youth teams are the respective champions with Ilaoa & To’omata the winners of the men’s Division 2.
In the President’s Cup, both men’s divisions are combined with teams divied up into three pools for the rights to hold the perpetual trophy in the association’s final competition of the year 2014.
“It’s a time for teams in Division 1 and 2 to play against one another as well and of course for teams that did not win the National League but believe they can beat the top teams to come out and do so,” explained FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua.
There are 11 men’s teams and to make it an even 12, the American Samoa U-17 squad has been put into the mix to make up the numbers.
They will play but their games will not count towards the competition.
“They are just here to give them some game experience against better players as part of their preparation for the OFC U-17 tournament we’re hosting in January,” explained FFAS Technical Director, Rupeni Luvu.
For the women, their competition is a 7-A-side, two-day tournament amongst six teams — Utulei Youth, Ilaoa & To’omata and Green Bay in Pool A while in Pool B are PanSa, Lion Heart and Pago Youth — on November 22.
In the men’s division the winner of each pool will advance past pool play with a draw to be held to determine playoff seeding amongst the three teams.
The team that picks out the No. 1 seed will earn a free pass to the championship game to await the winner of the No. 2 vs. No. 3 match.
Pool A consists of FC SKBC, Pago Youth, Ilaoa & To’omata and Black Roses; Pool B has Utulei Youth, Atu’u Broncos, Vaiala Tongan and Green Bay and Pool C is made up of Lion Heart, PanSa, Vaitogi and American Samoa U-17.
In the first round of games on November 8, Division 2 champs Ilaoa & To’omata upset former National League champs FC SKBC 4-3 while Pago Youth beat Black Roses 7-4 in Pool A.
Utulei Youth beat Vaiala Tongan 4-0 while Atu’u Broncos won by forfeit against Green Bay in Pool B action.
Lion Heart also won by forfeit over PanSa in Pool C and Vaitogi United won against American Samoa U-17.
This Saturday, November 15, its SKBC vs. Pago Youth; Ilaoa & To’omata vs. Black Roses; PanSa vs. Vaitogi United; Vaiala Tongan vs. Atu’u Broncos; Lion Heart vs. American Samoa U-17 and Utulei Youth vs. Green Bay.