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Private elementary soccer league very competitive

With the competition just two weeks away from its end teams are jockeying for the top six positions in the Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8 age groups.
“This year’s competition is very different from the past because I believe the parents are now helping out in coaching the teams and the players really know how to play now,” explained FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua. “Some of these players have been playing since this competition started four years ago and they are now showcasing their development of that learning process.”
The playoffs are set to kick off next week with the championship games to be held during the Thanksgiving Day week.
“We are looking to have a very good closing and hope that all the schools have enjoyed themselves so far,” Taumua said.
With eight teams competing for a top four spot, Kanana Fou A leads the bracket by way of differential in goals over two-time defending champions, Peteli Academy in the top two spots.
Both teams are tied with 23 points each from seven wins, two draws and a loss each (3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and zero for a loss). In third place is Samoa Baptist, followed by Iakina Academy. In the next four spots are Kanana Fou B, South Pacific Academy, St. Theresa elementary and Pacific Horizons School.
It’s a very tight race for the top four spots in the seven-team competition.
Kanana Fou B is No. 1 with 16 points, followed by Samoa Baptist B with 14, defending champions St. Theresa at No. 3 with 13 and rounding out the top four playoff spot is Kanana Fou A with 11.
Peteli Academy is tied with Kanana Fou A with 11 points but the latter had the differential in goals edge with 0 to the former’s -2. Samoa Baptist A is sixth with 9 points and only two points away from them is South Pacific Academy with 7 in a very competitive division.
There still could be a major change in the top four teams before their season ends.
The top six teams will compete in the playoffs with the Nos. 1 & 2 sitting out the first playoff round with a bye while the Nos. 3-6 battle it out.
The race is tight amongst the top six teams with changes from No. 1 to No. 6 possible before the end of the regular season.
South Pacific Academy is No. 1, followed by Peteli Academy, Marist St. Francis at No. 3, St. Theresa at No. four and followed by Kanana Fou A and Pacific Horizons to round out the top six.
Defending champions Samoa Baptist is No. 7, followed by Iakina Aacdemy and Kanana Fou B in the nine-team competition.
St. Theresa leads the division, followed by Marist St. Francis at No. 2, defending champs Samoa Baptist at No. 3 and Peteli Academy in the fourth spot.
Kanana Fou A is fifth, followed by Iakina Academy to round out the top six teams so far in this bracket.
From Nos. 7-8 are Kanana Fou B, Pacific Horizons and South Pacific Academy, respectively.