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A new champ to be crowned in women’s division

Black Roses, the winner of the last two titles, is not in contention this year after failing to crack the top two in Pool A while PanSa, the 2008 winner, is also not in contention. Those are the only FFAS Women’s National League champions since 2008.
Now, a new champion will hail from the following teams — Ilaoa & To’omata, Pago Youth, Tafuna Jets or Utulei Youth.
The Tafuna Jets take on Pago Youth at 10:00 a.m. while Ilaoa & To’omata plays Utulei Youth at 11:15 a.m. on Dec. 10, 2011.
Ilaoa & To’omata came out on top in a battle between the top two teams when they beat Pago Youth 2-1 in Pool A and are now the No. 1 team out of that group with the latter ranked No. 2. In other Pool A games it was Green Bay by forfeit over PanSa and Black Roses by forfeit over Lion Heart.
Tafuna Jets secured their hold over the No. 1 spot with a 5-0 win over Kiwi Soccers while in other Pool B games it was Vailoatai Youth 7, Atu’u Broncos 0 and Fagasa Youth 2, Utulei Youth 2.
Tafuna Jets will play Pago Youth while Ilaoa & To’omata takes on Utulei Youth with the winners advancing to the championship game.
For next year’s competition, there will be a First Division with the top four teams from Pool’s A & B to make up that bracket while the rest fall to a Second Division.
From Pool A it will be Ilaoa & To’omata, Pago Youth, Green Bay and PanSa while Pool B’s top four teams are Tafuna Jets, Utulei Youth, Vailoatai Youth and Kiwi Soccers.
The remaining teams from both pools that will occupy the second division are Vaitogi United, Black Roses, Lion Heart, Fagasa Youth, Fagatogo Blue and Atu’u Broncos.
The final standings for Pool A are No. 1 Ilaoa & To’omata (16 points), No. 2 Pago Youth (15 points), No. 3 Green Bay (13 points), No. 4 PanSa (9 points), No. 5 Vaitogi United (6 points), No. 6 Black Roses (3 points), No. 7 Lion Heart (0 points).
The final standings for Pool B are No. 1 Tafuna Jets (16 points), No. 2 Utulei Youth (13 points), No. 3 Vailoatai Youth (11 points), No. 4 Kiwi Soccers (10 points), No. 5 Fagasa Youth (7 points), No. 6 Fagatogo Blue (3 points) and No. 7 Atu’u Broncos (0 points).

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