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Futsal coaching course held in American Samoa

Victor Wai’ia, a Futsal coaching instructor from the Solomon Islands, oversaw the course with the help of local coaching instructor Ruben Luvu.
“I want to thank all of you for taking your time out to participate in this course and remember, this was sole for you to help your club or your team become better in Futsal, or indoor soccer,” said FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet after he closed the course on Nov. 16.
FFAS executive committee member Silasila Samuelu and local soccer’s CEO Tavita Taumua were on hand during the closing. Samuelu and other executive committee member Rev. Ioane Evagelia opened the course on behalf of the president on Nov. 11.
“I have given them a lot of material to work with and I’ve tried to give them as much as I think they can take,” Wai’ia said. “I liked their enthusiasm and interest for the support and for coaching the game.”
Wai’ia, he departs for Samoa on Nov. 19 on his way back to the Solomon Islands has visited a few schools this week with Luvu that are competing in the ASHSAA Boys’ Futsal competition.
“It’s a great start, a good age group to target,” Wai’ia said. “You have to start somewhere and I think FFAS has gotten off on the right track. As they progress they can start introducing it to younger children later.”
“This course will be followed by a referee’s one on Nov. 28-Dec. 3 (2011),” Taumua explained. “And it’s all part of the association’s way of gearing up for our men and women’s National Futsal League in 2012.”

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