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Women’s race for playoff spots heating up

At the moment, Ilaoa & To’omata has a slim lead in Pool A as they lead by only a point over two competitors and the same goes for the Tafuna Jets in Pool B.
The women’s teams were off with a scheduled bye on Oct. 8 but had their Oct. 15 matches pushed to Oct. 10 due to the unavailability of Pago Park Soccer Stadium.
Only the top two teams from both pools will advance to the playoffs at the end of the competition.
Leader Ilaoa & To’omata barely escaped with a 1-1 draw against Green Bay, enough to give them a point to lead the group over Pago Youth and PanSa.
In other games it was Pago Youth 5, Vaitogi United 0; PanSa 6, Lion Heart 1 with Black Roses sitting out the round with a bye.
With Ilaoa & To’omata on top of the group, Pago Youth (6) takes second place by way of goals differential over PanSa (6) while Green Bay (4) is fourth, Vaitogi United (3) fifth, Black Roses (0) sixth and Lion heart (0) seventh.
There may be movement atop the standings with a win either between Pago Youth and PanSa during their scheduled match for Oct. 22, a notable game for this pool on that day.
Tafuna Jets won by forfeit over a no-show from Fagasa Youth while in other games it was Utulei Youth 2, Vailoatai Youth 1; Fagatogo Blue 1, Atu’u Broncos 0 with Kiwi Soccers having a bye round.
Tafuna Jets leads with seven points followed by Kiwi Soccers (6), Utulei Youth (6), Vailoatai Youth (4), Fagatogo Blue (3), Atu’u Broncos (0) and Fagasa Youth (0).
A notable game for this group on Oct. 22 is the match featuring Kiwi Soccers against Vailoatai Youth with a win by either resulting in a movement up or down for both teams.

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