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FFAS President’s Cup revived

The tournament’s group stage kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.
“We could not run this tournament in 2011 due to time constraints because of how late our National League started last year,” explained FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet. “One of the main reasons was the lateness of the 2011 New Caledonia Pacific Games that our men and women’s National Teams participated in thus delaying the start of our national competition.
“But we are happy to re-introduce the tournament for our clubs and especially have it for the women as well this year.”
Vailoatai Youth won the inaugural President’s Cup in 2010 but do not have a team competing in the 2012 FFAS National League. Only teams competing in the ongoing league can compete in the President’s Cup.
For the men’s side, there is no separation of divisions as all teams in both Division 1 and 2 were grouped together for the drawing of pools conducted on August 13, 2012 by FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua, Technical Director Ruben Luvu and Competition Manager Uinifareti Aliva.
“We will be introducing perpetual cups for the men and women’s tournaments with a team winning it two years in a row getting to keep it for life,” Taumua pointed out. “So we are very excited to add this tournament inconjunction with the National League.”
Four pools of four teams each for the men’s side with the team coming out on top based on the regular points system (3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) from each pool is the tournament’s format. Those top four teams go on to compete for the President’s Cup in the playoffs.
For the women, it is three pools with two holding four teams and one three because there are only 11 teams competing. The best team from group play advances as well as the best No. 2 seed.
The men’s groups are:
Black Roses (Div. 1); FC SKBC (Div. 2); Utulei Youth (Div. 1) and PanSa (Div. 2)
Vaitogi United (Div. 1); Ilaoa & To’omata (Div. 2); Lion Heart A (Div. 1); Lion Heart B (Div. 2)
Pago Youth A (Div. 1); Taputimu Youth (Div. 2); Pago Youth B (Div. 1); Vaiala Tongan (Div. 2)
Kiwi Soccers (Div. 1); Atu’u Broncos (Div. 2); Tafuna Jets (Div. 1); Green Bay (Div. 2)
The women’s groups are:
Black Roses, Green Bay, Vaiala Tongan, Tafuna Jets
Utulei Youth, Pago Youth, Lion Heart, Taputimu Youth
Kiwi Soccers, PanSa, Ilaoa & To’omata
The schedule for the first round of pool play is:
8:20 A.M.
Green Bay vs. Tonga (WOMEN, POOL A)
Ilaoa & To’omata (BYE)
9:20 A.M.
Pago Youth A vs. Tonga (MEN, POOL C)
Atu’u Broncos vs. Tafuna Jets (MEN, POOL D)
10:40 A.M.
Utulei Youth vs. Taputimu Youth (WOMEN, POOL B)
Pago Youth vs. Lion Heart (WOMEN, POOL B)
11:40 A.M.
Kiwi vs. Green Bay (MEN, POOL D)
Taputimu Youth vs. Pago Youth B (MEN, POOL C)
1:10 P.M.
Black Roses vs. Tafuna Jets (WOMEN, POOL A)
Kiwi vs. PanSa (WOMEN, POOL C)
2:10 P.M.
Vaitogi United vs. Lion Heart B (MEN, POOL B)
Ilaoa & To’omata vs. Lion Heart A (MEN, POOL B)
3:30 P.M.
Black Roses vs. PanSa (MEN, POOL A)
FC SKBC vs. Utulei Youth (MEN, POOL A)