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23rd Police Academy uses FFAS field for PT

“I did not hesitate in saying yes to them when they asked for help with the use of our field for their training,” explained FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet. “When we call the DPS (Department of Public Safety) for help they always come through so this is our way of repaying them back by helping out their future crop of police officers.”
The academy, 32 strong, are led in the PT portion of their instruction by Police Lieutenant Lima Togia who also happens to be a retired U.S. Army 1st Seargent.
“We’re using the (Church of Latter Day Saints) facilities here in Pago Pago for our indoor instructions so we thought it would be much easier for us to come to the soccer field.”
They have used Samoana High School’s field and the Faga’alu Park.
“We’re very grateful to (FFAS) for allowing us to use their field or our PT,” Togia said. “Every Thursday is our sports day so we will be playing a lot of soccer on those days while here in Pago Pago.”
Two soccer balls were given to the Academy and last Thursday the class, divided in two, went at it to showcase their soccer skills.
“I was glad to hear they enjoyed their game of soccer and hope they convert to our sport,” Iuli said with a grin.

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