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ASHSAA Boys’ soccer kicks off

Most teams have played two games since the season kicked off on March 4, 2015 with the Tafuna Warriors on top of the standings, followed by the Samoana Sharks, Marist-Fa’asao Crusaders and Leone Lions to round out the top four.
In No. 5 are the South Pacific Academy Dolphins, followed by the Faga’itua Vikings, Nu’uuli Voc-Tech Wildcats and Kanana Fou Stallions.
Last school year’s competition was called off after a pinkeye epidemic saw a lot of students missing school. No team was crowned as the winner of the competition after it was called off while the season was underway.
Going back to the 2012-2013 school year, the Sharks are the last team crowned champions of the boys’ varsity division and the Crusaders the J-V winners. There is only one division in this year’s school competition, the varsity.
The season will be a one round-robin contest with a top four postseason to determine this school year’s champions. The playoffs are set for April 7 and the championship game to be played on April 9.
The East-West All Star Game will be held on April 25.
Other scheduled games this week are:
March 12
Stallions vs. Vikings; Dolphins vs. Lions
March 14
Sharks vs. Lions; Crusaders vs. Stallions; Wildcats vs. Warriors and Vikings vs. Dolphins
March 4
Sharks vs. Crusaders — Double Forfeited
Wildcats vs. Vikings — Postponed
March 6
Warriors 3, Lions 0
Dolphins 2, Stallions 1
March 7
Crusaders 5, Wildcats 1
Warriors 3, Vikings 2
Lions 4, Stallions 0
Sharks 8, Dolphins 2
March 10
Sharks 3, Wildcats 0
Warriors vs. Crusaders — Postponed

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