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Faga’itua seniors enjoy soccer fun day

This is when graduating class of 2012 plan out activities on their last week of high school and for the Faga’itua Vikings, they spent one of their days playing soccer at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.
“I drove by the soccer field and saw it filled with young school kids playing soccer and then I saw that they came in school buses so that gave me an idea of an activity for our seniors — playing soccer,” said Suaese “Pooch” Ta’ase, vice-principal at Faga’itua and also advisor for the 12th grade.
“And I’m glad because they’re all having fun,” he pointed out.
What Ta’ase saw was a Just Play Sports Day for Alofau elementary that was held at Pago Park Soccer Stadium on May 18, 2012.
A little more than 80 seniors (more than 100 will graduate) enjoyed two hours of soccer conducted by the staff and referees of the association.
“It’s an honor to host an activity for senior week for the Faga’itua graduating class of 2012,” said FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua. “Especially since some of these seniors are very well known to us like Shalom Luani who went on three men’s national teams as well as Tasi Alailesulu who played on the women’s national team that competed at the Pacific Games New Caledonia.”
Faga’itua decided to divide the teams into villages the students were from. The teams were Aua 1, Aua 2, Lauli’i, Alofau, Masefau-Masausi-Sailele, Aoa-Aunu’u, Tula 1 and Tula 2.
Masefau-Masausi-Sailele defeated Aoa-Aunu’u in the final to claim their title.
Faga’itua’s graduation is scheduled for Thursday, May 31, 2012. FFAS congratulates all the graduates for 2012 and wishes them all good luck on their future endeavors.

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