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Tight race for Boys’ 12-14 division’s title

Ilaoa & To’omata has the upper hand with two days (July 12 & July 14) remaining in the competition as they have 18 points while Vaiala Tongan has 16 and the Tafuna Jets have 15.
One misstep by Ilaoa & To’omata in the next two days and Vaiala Tongan would surge into the lead. The same can be said for the Jets moving into the No. 1 position should the two teams ahead of it lose even one game.
With 12 teams participating in the division, the team finishing first with the most points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) will be crowned champs.
Ilaoa & To’omata has yet to play the Jets (scheduled for July 12) but they have already beaten Vaiala Tongan 5-2. The Jets have yet to play Vaiala Tongan as well (scheduled for July 14).
In fourth place is Utulei Youth, tied with Green Bay with 13 points apiece but the former has the goals difference edge, 12-5.
Taputimu is sixth with nine points, followed by Lion Heart with 7 and Atu’u Broncos with 6.
Pago Youth and Kiwi Soccers, in 9th and 10th, respectively, have four points each but Pago holds the tiebreaker with a -4 showing the latter’s -16.
The same goes for Vaitogi (-6) over Black Roses (-11) with three points apiece for the 11th and 12th spots, respectively.
Lion Heart is the defending titleholder after winning it two years in a row but is in jeopardy of not winning a third one in a row with their 7th place showing.

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