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ASHSAA Boys’ soccer winding down

South Pacific Academy (4-1-1) leads the boys’ varsity division going into the final week of the ASHSAA soccer season, two points (13-11) ahead of Leone High School (3-2-0).

The team with the best record will be crowned champs for this season.

The Dolphins faced a tough team in the Samoana Sharks (3-0-3) last week Saturday, April 7, 2019 and managed to earn a hard-fought, 3-1 win.  SPA is looking for a double in soccer their girls’ team won the 2018-19 varsity division’s title earlier last month.

Samoana is third in the standings behind the Lions with 9 points, ahead of fourth place Tafuna Warriors (2-1-3) and the Faga’itua Vikings (0-2-5).  There are only five teams participating in the competition that is scheduled to end on Friday, April 12.

The Sharks are the defending champions of the division, having won the title the last two years.

Both the Dolphins and Lions have a few games remaining before their final showdown set for Friday, April 12, and that match could be the decider provided they maintain their current 1-2 status.  SPA faces off against the Tafuna Warriors on April 10, while Leone will have to play three straight days to complete their season, first against Samoana on Apirl 10, followed by Faga’itua, and then SPA.


In the junior varsity division, the Lions (4-0-1) and Warriors (4-0-2) are in a neck-and-neck race for the top spot as both teams have 12 points each.  The Lions have played one game less than Tafuna but have the greater differential in goals, 14-9.

Fa’asao-Marist Crusaders (Green bibs) vs. Leone Lions on Saturday, April 4, 2019

Faga’itua (2-0-2) is third with six pionts, followed by the Fa’asao-Marist Crusaders (0-5), who have yet to win a game.

The Lions are the defending champs and could be on track to repeat if they win their last scheduled game on April 11 against Faga’itua.

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