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FFAS National League 2013 kicks off August 10

Not only are they defending champs, Pago Youth is also the current FFAS National League cup holder for Division 1 from last year.
They face stiff challenger in Taputimu Youth, the 2012 President’s Cup champions. Last year they beat Pago Youth A 2-0 in a thrilling match on their way to the separate knockout cup tournament.
“With the introduction of two men’s divisions last year, a top flight and second tier division, I believe our league was much more competitive,” explained FFAS President Faiivae Alex Godinet.
“I think that competitiveness will continue into our 2013 league.”
The Women’s National League also kicks off with last year’s champions, Black Roses, returning to defend their title. Black Roses is also the women’s FFAS National League cup holder and women’s President’s Cup champions.
In Division 2, a new champion will be crowned. Last year’s Division 2 winner, FC SKBC, was promoted to the top flight along with Taputimu Youth. They have replaced Vaitogi United and Kiwi Soccers in Division 1.
Atu’u Broncos became the final holders of the Division 2’s FFAS National Cup after winning it away from Taputimu Youth in the last game of the 2012 season.
There are eight teams in the top division — Pago Youth A, Black Roses, Utulei Youth, Lion Heart, Tafuna Jets, Pago Youth B, FC SKBC and Taptutimu Youth.
“We are looking forward to defending our title and trying for a four-peat,” said Pago Youth President Silasila Samuelu.
Pago Youth A takes on Taputimu in the cup challange match on Saturday while other games will feature Pago B against Lion Heart; Black Roses against the Tafuna Jets and Utulei Youth against FC SKBC.
Should Pago A win the Tafuna Jets will challenge the following week but if Taputimu holds the cup Black Roses will be the challenger.
The competition format will be one round-robin with the team at the top of the standings crowned champions. Only the winner of the men’s Division 1 National League gets to represent American Samoa at the OFC Champions League Preliminary Tournament in 2014.
American Samoa will play host to the 2013 version of the tournament between the National League champions of the territory, Samoa, Tonga and Cook Islands. Pago Youth A will represent American Samoa in the tournament scheduled for the second week of September.
The Atu’u Broncos were two-time holders of the cup and will put it up for challenge against Ilaoa & To’omata in a six-team division.
The Lion Heart club is fielding only one team this year instead of two and Kiwi Soccers does not have a men’s team competing.
In other games, Green Bay takes on Vaitogi while PanSa faces Vaiala Tongan.
If Atu’u retains the cup they face Vaitogi United the following week; if Ilaoa & To’omata take it they will be challenged by Vaiala Tongan.
Black Roses, the cup holder, takes on Ilaoa & To’omata in the 10-team competition.
The format for the women’s competition is a 9-a-side.
In other games on Saturday it will be Lion Heart vs. PanSa; Utulei vs. Atu’u; Pago Youth against Kiwi and Green Bay against the Jets.
If Black Roses retains the cup PanSa challenges for it the following week but if Ilaoa & To’omata win it they will face Atu’u.

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