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FFAS field re-seeded, ready in two months

Vuksich & Borich Field Consultant Laurie Stubbing oversaw the re-seeding process with FFAS Field Maintenance Manager Paepae Soia Su.
“In October last year the seed supplied for the re-developed field was not viable, meaning it did not germinate,” explained Stubbing. “We had a sample tested in a laboratory and it came back with 0% germination. What was then done was that FFAS continued to maintain the field of unwanted grass with the knowledge that we were coming back to re-seed the field.”
The field was used mainly for training for the men’s U-20 squad and the national teams preparing for the upcoming Pacific Games 2011 New Caledonia.
A few games of the American Samoa High School Athletics Association’s Boys 2010-2011 Soccer season were held in Pago Pago while the majority of the matches were played at Kananafou Theological Seminary.
When the U-20 squad left for the recent OFC tournament the “unwanted cover,” was killed, according to Stubbing.
“(Paepae) did most of the job of re-leveling some of the areas of the field that had sunk and then killing off the unwanted cover,” Stubbing pointed out. “It should germinate with 7-15 days after seeding.”
FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua is looking forward to when the field will be ready for use.
“We’ve put some of our tournaments on hold for now such as the 7-a-side for our clubs and our annual business league. We’ve also moved our national team training sessions to Kananafou at the moment.”
Stubbing said that carpet grass was used the last time for the field but have changed the species again to one that he was advised would be best for the conditions and climate of American Samoa.
“It will be a mixture of Bahia and Bermuda grass,” he said.
With the different species of grass being used, a different method of sowing is also being used.
“We’re going to under sow the seed with a dimple seeder,” he said. “What it does is it will put the seed under ground instead of us putting it on top and then using harrows to cover it the last time.”
Stubbing will depart in the next day or two but is confident that the field will be ready for use by the first week of July.

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