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Summer Youth League 2014 kicks off

“When you go out to play today, I want you all to play well, play fair and do not play angry,” said Rev. Ioane Evagelia to the more than 200 participants of the FFAS Summer Youth League.
With a little more than 30 teams in age groups ranging from 6-8 Mixed, 9-11 Mixed, 12-14 Girls, 12-14 Boys and 15-17 Boys registering for htis year’s very popular competition for the youth.
“Again it is very great to see the kids out there playing and their enthusiasm is very infectious,” Faiivae said.
Rev. Evagelia opened the competition with a prayer with many parents, as well as a members of the FFAS executive committee present.
There are nine teams competing in the 6-8 Mixed division and eight in the 9-11 Mixed. For the 12-14 Boys and Girls there are five teams each and seven in the Boys 15-17.
Futsal rules are being used for this competition with the young divisions and the Girls 12-14 playing in five vs. five while the Boys 12-14 and 15-17 are competing with seven on seven.
The 6-8 and 9-11 Mixed divisions are not competitive with no playoffs but all groups across the board are playing in two round-robin schedules. The older age competitors will have playoffs and a final scheduled for July 16, 2014.
The next match day for the Summer League is scheduled for July 3 and July 5.
All 12 FFAS Club Members have teams participating in the competition.

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