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Follow-up Referee Course gets underway

With that the MA Follow-Up Referee Course got underway with 30 participants beginning the first of a six-day course on practical and theoretical sessions on the FIFA Laws of the Game.
“When we came we did not ask what FFAS can do for us but what we can do for FFAS,” explained Massimo Raveino, OFC Referee Development Officer. “And what we can do for FFAS is to help you become better referees and assistant referees.”
FIFA Referee and Fitness Instructors Neil Poloso and Kader Touati, respectively, introduced themselves with the latter making the participants sit up straighter in their chairs by announcing that the fitness test will be assessed the next day (August 20).
Local RDO Silasila Samuelu and local referee instructors Uinifareti Aliva and Lemusa Alatasi were also on hand during the opening and they will present topics during the course itself.
Also on hand was Rev. Ioane Evagelia, sitting in on one of his first official FFAS courses after being recently installed as a new member of the executive committee. He provided the opening prayer before Iuli declared the course open.
The travelling trio of instructors head to Samoa on August 26 to conduct a course there also once this one closes on August 25.

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