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First ever C-License Course gets underway

“This is your first step to senior, adult coaching,” explained Simon Toselli, FIFA Instructor in coaching as well as OFC Mentor Coaching Technical Advisor, to the 15 participants. “It is totally different from the youth courses because this time the aim is to provide you coaches with the ability to plan, deliver and evaluate your team in order to provide better training sessions.”
The target age group for this course is players 17 years old and older.
Theoretical and practical sessions will be held throughout the five-day course with a “heavy emphasis” on the latter, Toselli explained. “At the end of the week I want you all to progress together and I encourage every single person to be active during the course.”
FFAS Vice President Sandra Fruean was on hand to officially open the course on behalf of President Faiivae Iuli Alex Godinet, the executive committee and association.
“If you have the passion for soccer, then you can complete this course and go on and share all this knowledge with your club,” Fruean said. “You will be able to use this information and knowledge to make your team better.”
In order to be accredited for the next four years as a C-License Senior coach, the participants must attend all five days as well as complete a coaching handbook by Friday.
The final part is for the participants to be assessed by Toselli through a practical session either at the end of the course or within the next six months.
If they pass, they will be accredited with a certificate to be delivered by the OFC or FFAS Technical Department.
FFAS Technical Director Rupeni Luvu is assisting Toselli with the course instruction.