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Follow-up Referee Course closes

The second follow-up to a course initially held in 2008 came to an end after six days of practical and theoretical sessions conducted by OFC Referee Development Officer Massimo Raveino, FIFA Referee Instructor Neil Poloso and FIFA Fitness Instructor Kader Touati.
Raveino and Poloso were aided by local referee instructors Uinifareti Aliva and Lemusa Alatasi while Touati was assisted by local fitness instructor Terrence ‘Pati’ Sinapati. Aliva and Alatasi had sessions of their own and local RDO (and executive committee member) Silasila Samuelu had one as well on the final night of the course.
FFAS Men’s Development Officer Ruben Luvu held one as well and it was about referees recognizing the different systems of play by teams.
Touati and Sinapati conducted a fitness test in for male referee and assistant referees and for females as well.
Last year 11 passed the test but disappointingly only four did so this time.
Touati expressed his disappointment to the participants, especially those that were part of the course last year and exhorted them to train more and train hard.
“It’s not very often we have individuals who travel far with so much knowledge and experience and be free with it by passing it along to our referees and assistant referees,” a thankful Iuli said. “To our course participants, I ask that you make good use of what you learned here.”
Poloso told the class that he saw a big improvement from them, especially with the new and young future match officials. He told them to build on that improvement for the good of themselves and the association.
Poloso gave the class two quizzes and recognized the individuals that topped them.
Ryan Samuelu got top marks in the offside quiz while Beulah Oney was tops in the match incidence quiz. Siaosi Matagisila was recognized for getting the overall total mark in both quizzes.
David Crichton thanked the instructors on behalf of the class and issued a guarantee saying “American Samoa will have a referee or assistant referee in the 2014 FIFA World Cup” [Brazil].
Raveino picked up on this and told everybody that as referees and assistant referees their paths to the FIFA World Cup is much easier.
“It is very easy for you to go to the FIFA World Cup or OFC Championship, it’s very easy,” he pointed out. “The doors of paradise are open to you. It’s not so easy for national teams but for you, very easy.
“I want to apologize if we made it a little hard for you or were very hard on you but it is because we are very sure that it was in your best interests,” he continued. “Remember, there are many players waiting out there for us to come referee their games!”
There will be four referees travelling to Tahiti in January 2011 to attend a FIFA/OFC Instructors course.
Also present at the closing was Executive Committee Member Rev. Ioane Evagelia who provided the closing prayer.

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