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FIFA/OFC/FFAS Grassroots Course ends

Grassroots (children ages 6-12) coaching is the “bloodline of all sports” as FIFA Instructor Nicola Demaine explained to the class and armed with this knowledge the participants will now go out to their respective clubs and schools to spread their knowledge as well.
“It was a very informative as it helps us to learn how to deal with the children of this age group,” said Matthew Senge, representing South Pacific Academy. “I am happy to have been a part of this class.”
The four day course culminated in a festival on July 21 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium with the students organizing soccer related activities and games for 40+ children.
“It was a great day because they now know what kind of activities and games to use for this age group,” said FFAS Technical Director Ruben Luvu. “That makes our job a little easier when they come up to the older age groups as we will not have to teach them the basics anymore.”
OFC Player Development Officer Daniel Shirley and Demaine were the instructors of the course with Luvu assisting them.
“I’m sure that our future Summer Youth Leagues will be much improved because of this course,” said FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet, “because the kids will have learned a lot from these coaches about the game’s fundamentals.
“And I believe this improvement will also reflect in our school competitions down the line.”
“We’ve covered a lot of aspects of coaching such as the junior, youth and senior levels and now we can say we have covered grassroots,” pointed out FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua. “This is especially important for us because we have a lot and have been running programs targeting this age group without having the appropriate course to train our club members and others of the public in grassroots coaching.
“One program I refer to in particular is our Soccer Footies join-venture with ASPIRC (American Samoa Parental Information and Resource Center) that targets this age group and now there are others besides our FFAS staff members qualified in grassroots coaching,” Taumua added.
“They can now go run grassroots programs for their clubs, schools and even villagers and this all helps with the development of soccer in American Samoa.”

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