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FIFA D-License coaching course ends

FIFA Instructor, and OFC Technical Director, Patrick Jaquemet, thanked all who were part of the course after handing out Certificates of Participation to the 25 grassroots and youth level coaching aspirants.
“One of the most difficult things is to give back what you receive,” Jaquemet said during his closing comments. “And you must give back what you have learned here today. Now you have two instructors (Ruben Luvu & Terrence Sinapati) who can help you if you needed it.”
FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet was unable to attend the closing ceremony but praised Jaquemet and thanked him for guiding the participants for the five days of the course.
“The experience that he came with was invaluable and we are very grateful for that,” Iuli said. “I know the knowledge he passed on to our participants will help with the development and growth of our sport because it is targeting our children from the ages of 6-19.
“I cannot thank him enough for his hard work.”
FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua closed the course on behalf of Iuli, the executive committee and the association.
“Patrick, I know it was a big sacrifice for you being away from your family to help our association with this course and we’re very thankful,” he said.
The course participants all had the same message — glad for the knowledge and experience they gained.
“I’ve learned that there’s a lot of different types of coaching techniques for little kids,” Fiapa’ipa’i Siatu’u, women’s national team player and member of Utulei Youth’s club, said. “Teaching little kids is not the same as teaching the senior level.”
“It’s been a great experience for me because I’ve learned how to organize for the grassroots (ages 6-12) level,” said BJ Samuelu, a member of the club Pago Youth.
Jaquemet had the participants organize and run a festival aimed at having children in the grassroots level learn the fundamentals of soccer through fun drills and games.
“I encourage you to have this festival at least once a week because it will help develop these children into very good players,” Jaquemet said.
The festival, with 30+ children involved, was held on Saturday, August 13, 2011 and it was also used as an assessment of the coaches for the grassroots part of the course.
“You all passed level 1 of the course,” Jaquemet said during the closing ceremony.
On the last day of the test all 25 participants were assessed as coaches for the youth level.
“I will send back the results and some of it will be based on my discussions with your two instructors,” he explained.
Jaquemet had heavy praise for the association based on his observations of the interaction of the coaches and staff with one another.
“What I really liked was the spirit of a family that I saw,” he said. “With a family spirit you can go very far especially with the future of your young people. Remember, we are all family too, OFC and American Samoa.”
Jaquemet left for New Zealand via Samoa on Wednesday, August 17, 2011.

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