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Special Olympics soccer plays well

The team of six players and two coaches went through three games of the divisioning process, losing to Timor Leste 2-0, drawing with Australia D 0-0 and then beating Australia C 3-1.
“Thank you for your efforts out there and good luck to you guys in the rest of the competition,” said the team’s No. 1 fan, First Lady Cynthia Moliga after watching the last two games.
The team played well in the first two games and could have won but for a lack of fire power up front. That’s when a change of pace was made with goalkeeper Saito Mauga being moved up front to attack.
Mauga produced magnificently, blasting in all three goals to give American Samoa a notch in the win column.
“I love to score and I really want to win a gold medal with our team,” Mauga said.
The team will learn what division they will be placed in on December 3.
Head of Delegation, Tafaimamao Tua-Tupuola, Assistant HOD Leone Ulu and a few parents and other delegation members joined the First Lady Moliga in cheering on the boys.

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