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FFAS Goal Project II & III update

Target time for all upgrades to be completed is January 2011.
The security fence was the first to be completed, providing a measure of relief to the association, especially the FFAS staff that spent a large quantity of their time during the day as watchpersons.
Earthworks were the second to reach completion with the new playing surface stripped of the old grass, water drainage pipes installed and sprinklers added to the existing system.
A new spectator fence is also up, surrounding the entire playing surface of 350’Wx450’L.
The new grass was sown two weeks ago with first results expected 14 days after and the first cut to be administered at least five weeks after the first seed was planted.
Field Consultant Laurie Stubbing departed three weeks ago after directing the new playing surface works, leaving what is termed as the “grow-in” period in the capable hands of FFAS Maintenance Manager Paepae Soia Su and assistant Lemusa Alatasi.
The foundations for the grand stand bathrooms, canteen and medical room have been completed with the project to be completed by the end of this month.
The foundation and slab for the building that will house both the new offices of the president and executive committee and tool shed have been laid. The building will be up by the end of the month as it was pre-fabricated in New Zealand before being shipped down.
Work on a separate building that will house four changing rooms elevated on 5-foot poles will commence in about two weeks time.
As for the current headquarters and training facility, work on a new entrance facing the ocean-side has started with minor remodeling of the office to follow.
“We are all looking forward to when our entire complex is completed,” FFAS CEO Taumua explained. “But despite the setback in our field, we are still going full steam ahead and have been since right after the tsunami last year. By the end of it all Pago Park Soccer Stadium will be a beautiful sight to look upon with the green playing surface and children and adults of all ages playing the world’s most popular sport in the world, soccer!”

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