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FFAS donates $5,000 towards Youth Community Center

“Governor Lolo, on behalf of Football (soccer) Federation American Samoa, I hereby donate this check of $5,000 to go towards the (Youth Community Center),” said Fai’ivae in a luncheon provided by FFAS at their headquarters in Pago Pago.
“I thank the soccer association and graciously accept this kind gift,” Governor Lolo replied. “As I have said before, this gym being built is for our youth, and if the soccer association has a use for it, then go ahead and use it with the government’s blessings.”
The Youth Community Center is being built where the former Korea House used to be in Pago Pago and the project is being overseen by the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs. It’s director, former defensive lineman for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, Jonathon Fanene, and deputy director Pa’u Roy Ausage, were also on hand during the luncheon.
The project is a collaboration between the American Samoa and Indonesian Governments after the latter pledged $300,000 to help fund the construction of the new Youth Center and with ASG matching that amount as well.
ASG expects construction to be completed this year.
“We do have a use for this gymnasium and that’s for a different kind of soccer called futsal, or indoor soccer,” explained Fai’ivae. “In the past we have used Samoana High School’s gymnasium or the one at ASCC. But with the close proximity of this gym to our facilities, it will work out great for us to have our Futsal competitions there provided we have properly booked it for our use.”
FFAS decided to provide lunch for the Youth Center’s carpenters as well as Governor Lolo and the DYW leaders, all who are regular visitors to the construction on a daily basis.
It also turned out to be a plus as Fai’ivae gave Governor Lolo and official tour of the FFAS facilities in what was his first official visit to the association’s grounds in Pago Pago.

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